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Second hand bikes in Rotterdam

If you are looking for second hand bikes in Rotterdam, do not look any further! At 010 Bikes we have the widest range of second hand bikes in Rotterdam. Each bike we sell at 010 Bikes is first completely checked by our experienced bike mechanics. If necessary, they will be fully restored to their former conditions.

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A-quality second hand bikes

At 010 bikes we make sure that we provide our customers with A-quality second hand bikes. To maintain a high level of quality we follow a checklist: 1. The bike is first cleaned 2.Wheels are removed and straightened 3. Brake cables are inspected, lubed and replaced if needed 4. Shifter cables are inspected, lubed and replaced if needed 5. Seat removed, cleaned and reinstalled 6. Derailleurs are inspected, lubed and replaced if needed.

How does 010 bikes work?

Feel free to stop by anytime you like. It is not necessary to make an appointment. We haveĀ  always a wide rangeĀ  of secondhand bikes in our store. The secondhand bikes are checked & refurbished by our own bike mechanics. so you’re ready to go right away.
Pick your bike and check out the beautiful city of Rotterdam.

Where to find 010 bikes

Our cozy shop is located in Kralingen close to Erasmus University. The address is Beneden Oostzeedijk 35b to more specific. Click here to get directions.
Open 7 days a week.

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