Student bikes in Rotterdam

The best student bikes in Rotterdam, check out our shop!
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Student bikes in Rotterdam

Are you looking for the second-hand bike expert in Rotterdam?

Come & visit our secondhand Bike Store 010Bikes in Rotterdam . Check out our BIG inventory of refurbished bikes .
You can test drive and if you like the bike take it with you right away!
We can also deliver the bike to any place you want.  All bikes are 100% refurbished so ready to hit the road in Rotterdam.

Feel free to stop by anytime you like. It is not necessary to make an appointment. We have  always a wide range  of secondhand bikes in our store. The secondhand bikes are checked & refurbished by our own bike mechanics. so you’re ready to go right away.
Pick your bike and check out the beautiful city of Rotterdam.

Buy a second-hand bike in Rotterdam

We are the most affordable in the market for second-hand bikes in Rotterdam.
We are able to provide these low prices, thanks to our long term contracts with government & police. So we can always provide you with a wide stock of bikes.
All our bikes have been refurbished. This means that our mechanics run a complete check on each bike and replace components when necessary. This way, you get a good bike at a fair price. And the best thing is: environment friendly.


Our cozy shop is located in Kralingen close to Erasmus University. The address is Beneden Oostzeedijk 35b to more specific. Click here to get directions.
Open 7 days a week..

Sustainable biking in Rotterdam

By Cruising around Rotterdam with a second-hand bike from 010BIKES you contribute to a more sustainable future for Rotterdam & Supports a local store .
Cycling on a cheap second-hand bike saves one from being thrown away contributing to a circular economy: Recycling & Repairing is what we do! And at a the best price without concessions.
Help us with making Rotterdam future proof & green.
We try by refurbishing used bikes, (that are like new), to make  it easier & obvious for you to go for a green bike from 010BIKES than buying a new one for too much money.

So before you are gonna Buy a new bike in Rotterdam, don’t hesitate and visit our cool second hand bike store: open 7 days a week.

Get your bike repaired now.

Affordable student prices

Instead of selling expensive bikes, 010 Bikes likes to provide good quality and cheap bikes for students.
We have got the biggest choice of affordable secondhand bikes in Rotterdam.
The prices ranges sometimes from €65,- till€ 100,-. we always try to have them in stock although the stock changes daily.
Completely Checked and Refurbished.

Accessories and repair

A flat tire can be fixed within quickly, big repairs within 1 day. It is also worth checking out our shop when it comes to bike equipment. We have all kinds of high-quality locks in the store.

International students

If you are an international student you will eventually be asked the question by your fellow dutch students “did you get a bike yet?” As you may have noticed. The bike is the favorite means of transportation of the dutchman. It will not take long for you to get hooked aswell.

Where to find us.